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In the Name of Peace: Another Civic, An Other Law

Malkit Shoshan, Volume 38
Since 2001 we have known that law is not universal, that states can unilaterally declare persons and situations extra-legal. Until recently this new reality was confined to spaces of exception, but with the introduction of drones and other technologies for digital warfare, extra-legal space has become fluid. Has legal space become the exception?

The Legacy of Peacekeeping Missions: Pre-cycling the compound

Malkit Shoshan, Volume 40

As peacekeeping missions continue to multiply so does their physical footprint, which is often a major inconvenience for the local populations. Can the design of these spaces hold the key to improve development aid and diplomatic efforts by introducing a new legacy? As part of her ongoing research ‘Drones and Honeycombs’, Malkit Shoshan explores how injecting design into the footprint of peacekeeping might have a positive impact on the countries affected.